Great Invention Idea? Shaming Diet Dolls

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means that once again you are confronted with a holiday that is likely to put a little extra meat on your bones. The irony of all this is that that extra meat on your bones often greatly decreases your chances of being someone's Valentine! So, what will you do if you've resolved not to eat any chocolates this coming Thursday? How about looking to the United States Patent Office for a couple of incentives to help you with your resolve

Great Invention Idea? A Big, Long D*ck for Valentine’s Day!

If you're tired of getting chocolates for Valentine's Day, why not give your guy international patent W09918897 and give yourself a great, big somethin' somethin' in the process? International patent WO9918897 is nothing new. In fact, it is easy to lose sight of it in an already crowded field filled with pumps , devices , pills , dvd kits , etc