Great Invention Idea? A New Twist on Skating

The advancements of the last thirty years have raised the invention stakes for everyone. What's wrong with that, you ask? Nothing, except that this often results in the less creative among us churning out mediocre or bad ideas when they could be doing something much more productive, like removing shopping carts from the parking lot at a local Wal-Mart! In my opinion, the following two patented inventions illustrate this point exactly

Great Invention Idea? Candy for Adults Who Suck

Sigmund Freud theorized that our sexuality develops through various fixations. According to Freud, experiencing these fixations in their entirety resulted in a psychosexually well-adjusted individual. But miss any part of any one of the fixations, or simply skip a fixation all together and we could be in big trouble

Great Invention Idea? New & Improved Snot Rag!

Spring is here with all its usual markers: flowers, grass, pollen and hay fever! If you are looking for a handy, inexpensive, and green – as in reusable, not the color of mucus – way to blow your nose this season look no further. United States patent 7013494 promises to be easy on your face, your wallet and the environment. That's because the Nose Pouch is a handkerchief ingeniously designed to capture and contain nasal discharge