An Enema For and By the People: Russian Resort Unveils Monument

Who erected this monument and more importantly, why?     According to news sources , those who love monuments will not be disappointed to hear about the 5-foot tall, 800-pound bronze syringe bulb held by three angels that has been unveiled at a spa at the Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium in the southern Russian city of Zheleznovodsk. (Was this an inmate’s idea

USBs and Phones and Bears – Oh My!

Ever wish technology could cuddle? Not to worry, with these new gadgets, you can take care of business while enjoying cute, soft snuggles….or, if you prefer, bear torture. While the Kuma Phone , or "Bear Phone," is cute and silly, the teddy bear USB is a little morbid though surprisingly still adorable.

For Cats Who Want To Serve Their Country There’s The ‘Cat Playhouse’

Did you ever think of enlisting your cat in the Army or the Air Force? If I were you I'd give a Cat Playhouse some serious consideration, because your cat may have heroic ambitions one day, and not know where to turn. Our kids play at being soldiers and firemen.