It’s My Tissue Dispensing Pillow And I’ll Cry If I Want To: ThenCry!

It's good to see that crying is finally receiving some recognition in the design world, even though the fabulous German innovator Design 3000, lists the ThenCry pillow as a "First Aid" product! What better "treatment" for crying than the warmth of a cozy pillow that dispenses tissues. I crying pillow is so comforting, like a teddy bear, only more huggable.

Bring Your Appetite to View This Art

Cheese Room Imagine coming home one night and finding your whole living room is draped in cheese. I bet it would have looked something like the Cheese Room. Cosimo Cavallaro is an artist that uses food as his medium to create very unique exhibits and sculptures

The Fling-ama-String Battery-Operated Cat Toy: Product Review

The scrawny kitten that jumped from a tree limb into my arms as three dogs competed for his tail, decided to adopt us four years ago. Now, fat and lazy, no longer wanting to stray from the hot tiled roof or the nest of jasmine on the patio, Bella (we thought he was a she), made pussy cats out of the dogs, and life was just as he liked it

Russian Boob Ceilings: For The Interior That Has Almost Everything

She dances overhead, on the ceiling near my bed, there’s my love, up above. ~ Rodgers & Hart Given that all cultures are different and many customs may seem weird or unusual to the observer outside looking in, it is still highly unlikely that anyone will ever look at the new suspended boob ceilings now becoming very popular in Russia and still not shake their heads and wonder if there isn’t some other way

Decorative Stuffed Animal Chairs By Campana Studio

Moss design store, known by many a design reviewer as, "the best design store in the world," has many extraordinary creations by world renowned interior and industrial designers. I got caught up in browsing through some chair designs on the Moss website, particularly the stuffed animal chair designs of Brazilian brother design team of Fernando and Humberto Campana. The first animal chair I visited was the Banquete Chair With Alligators .