Motorized Picnic Table: Great Idea?

The world’s first Motorized Picnic Table , aka Patent #663734 , has a stated purpose. According to the inventor, “It’s meant for transporting picnic-goers and the table simultaneously to a desired picnic location or for picnicking while in transport.”   So forget about finding that shady spot under that lovely tree and relaxing under a beautiful blue sky.

Life Expectancy Timepiece: Great Idea?

Issued in the summer of 1991, Patent #5,031,161, the Lifetime Expectancy Timepiece consists of a starting mechanism for causing the timer to begin measuring the elapsed time from the moment of birth and includes a processor programmed to measure it. Seeming truly like an overlooked plot straight out of The Twilight Zone, this Life Expectancy Timepiece has always had a questionable market value.

Anti-Eating Face Mask: Great idea?

US Patent #4344424 , the Anti-Eating Face Mask , has been around for a few decades, but there can be little doubt that it is just as silly today as it was when the original patent was issued to a woman from Sacramento (whose name is being withheld to protect the silly).