Abdominal Support: Great idea?

Patent# US 6846220, the Abdominal Support, stands apart from others of its ilk. Unlike other abdominal supports, this one lifts and cradles the abdominal bulge rather than compressing it. It is also not incorporated into any garment, as many of the other similar patents are. This is a noble attempt at creating comfort for the women of the world who are about to embark on the most arduous journey there is; namely becoming good mothers, the hope for the future of humanity.

One can’t help but wonder however, just how some comedy writers might utilize this idea? Remember the MANBRA episode from Seinfeld? Or going even further back to the days of classic television, how about the I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy carries little Ricky on her back i so that she can perform a musical Indian number with unsuspecting Ricky Ricardo? If she had access to this abdominal support, she might have been able to create a frontal attack on her husband (who really suffered enough when her back was to him).

Television aside, this abdominal support comes with a pair of shoulder and back straps, each of which passes over one of the wearers shoulders, crosses over the wearer’s upper back, and connects to the other shoulder and back strap at the wearer’s side. A sling support is secured to each shoulder and back strap and includes length adjusters to accommodate the different sizes of …well, the load.
This could prove to be very helpful for a distended abdomen, typical of the later months of pregnancy, when an enormous strain on back and abdominal muscles occur. Varicose veins, general discomfort and fatigue may also be reduced by use of this abdominal support.

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Happy and comfortable cradling, be it beer, baby, adepose or anything else under the sun!


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