Anti-Eating Face Mask: Great idea?


US Patent #4344424, the Anti-Eating Face Mask, has been around for a few decades, but there can be little doubt that it is just as silly today as it was when the original patent was issued to a woman from Sacramento (whose name is being withheld to protect the silly). The new and novel head mask is worn on the user’s head to prevent the consumption of food. Although technically, this does make some sense, the fact that the mask can be easily removed sort of defeats the purpose, n’est ce pas?


Of course, someone like Hannibal Lechter, cinema’s favorite sweetie cannibal, could probably find many cool uses for such a mask, but the possibilities are too creepy to present to a dieting, weight-conscious population that already experiences enough terror eating and living and attempting to diet every damn poly-unsaturated day of the year (and twice a day during Leap Year).

This inventor has to get some credit for designing a face mask that will prevent the ingestion of food without interfering with breathing and speech. This means those suffering from the additional maladies of diarrhea of the mouth and telephone bills will not experience any symptomatic changes.
As an instrument of torture, this patent has more than a fighting chance. As a workable device for appetite control, it has to get a thumbs (and visor) down!

Dieting and food are two important topics that are covered in a variety off ways.

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