Inflatable Condom: Great idea?

This Condom with Inflatable Portion that some only refer to as Patent#US 6895967 is proof positive that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. At a time when concern for both family size and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are vital concerns for a large segment of the modern population the condom has served as the easiest and most widely used form of birth control. Inventors have experimented with different materials, which have been structurally modified to provide increased sexual pleasure. Examples of these would include the ribbed condom for female stimulation and the lambskin for the male. So far, however, only moderate stimulation has been achieved. Enter the Condom with Inflatable Portion (and enter laughing, we might add).

The components of this unique condom (let’s be grateful for small favors) are an inner wall and outer wall, which comprise a chamber that extends along a portion of the length of the condom. An air source, such as a handheld pump with a flexible tube, is connected to a port, which delivers air to the front part of the chamber. The venting of the air is achieved by several small openings, which are located at the rear portion of the chamber.

Is the Condom with Inflatable Portion sellable? Well, may be so. It might be the perfect gag gift for the penis that has everything found in the middle of the night on some websites of dubious character that fly by at that very same time. Still, one can imagine the amount of spam emails such a sale would generate to any unsuspecting email inbox.
Others have dared to create inventions related to the sexual experience. Consider the very funny post by Amused and Bemused “Very Funny 10 Father’s Day Gifts That Actually Make Sense 2006.” Pay particular attention to the Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator. Read also Amy Gifford’s amusing piece, “Size Matters…10 Gigantic Ads that Grab Attention.” She covers the preoccupation with size and non-monetary inflation particularly well in her discussion about the inflatable globe option in #5 Toys R Us.

Happy size.


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