Look Ma! I Can See My Ear Wax From Here

Justin Letlow’s story of his Multi-Use Ear Mirror is that while at work in his furniture making shop, he felt something in his ear. The part of his story that must have been left out is where he picks and scratches like the devil, but what was there didn’t go away. Anyway, eventually the frustration of not being able to see what was in his ear led him to create the Ear Mirror. See how invention happens?

The prototype that Letlow originally made to search his own ear, two mechanic’s mirrors fastened together with a piece of plastic, sat around for awhile. But Leflow finally decided to go for a patent, which he got, and then found a manufacturer, and someone to help him market the ear mirror. But it wasn’t until Ellen DeGeneres took an interest in the 8″ gadget and made fun of it, somewhat, did the Multi-Use Ear Mirror get a boost.

And yes, it does have multiple uses. You can see your tonsils with it. You may be able to see other body parts more easily with it too. You can use it to see hard to reach places, like behind your refrigerator or stove, or inside your walls if you’re doing some wiring. Mr. Ledlow suggests it can also be used for automobile repairs under the hood.

But for seeing wax or hair growing inside your ears, it’s perfect! Get your own Ear Mirror and don’t think of lending that disgusting thing to me… and don’t use it on my car either! At MultiUseMirror.com.


MultiUseMirror.com via Gizmodo


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