Neck Wrap/Brace Organizer: Great Idea?

Is organization more important than intelligence? Do accessories that de-clutterize and organize our person and our surroundings define who we really are Or is it just that we can find things and that is overrated? How badly do you need that deed or bankbook anyway? It’s just paper… after all. Still, if you are not overwhelmed by your organization-related accessories, the Neck Wrap/Brace Organizer for Holding Items and Belt Article Holder for Same, which is also known as Patent# US 6929164 may be just the thing for you!

This device includes a neck wrap/brace, which has a strap that wraps around the user’s neck. (Surprise!) The strap secures a telephone holder, which in turn keeps the phone adjacent to the user’s ear to insure that hands are free and the user may telephone all the other idiots on his or her list and discuss this very silly device that now belongs to them. A belt-article holder comes with a strap that s is adapted for wrapping around the user’s waist.

Must have this?

I thought as much.

Consider these other clever organizational ideas from other inventors. There’s Tammy’s imaginative piece, “A Desk Where Imagination And Organization Click” and Aditi Simlai Tiwari amusing study of “Shotgun Belt Buckles” .


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