Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion: Great Idea?


The Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion, which in silly circles everywhere is also referred to as Patent# US 6810541, joins the concepts of peanut-shaped prayer cushions with that of knee cushions. No matter what your beliefs, one can only speculate if the ruler and creator of all things has a patent attorney and if not, why not? The purpose of this sanctimonious patent is to enhance the comfort of one who kneels in prayer. That is certainly a purpose noble and honest and simple enough, but what is next? Will it be peanut-sized bibles and maybe rosaries? How about pews to accomodate Lilliputians who may have found their true calling? Maybe there’s a descendant of Charles Stratton (Colonel Tom Thumb) who would be willing to put his John Hancock on such a hot item?



The Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion is a pillow, which is constructed from a single piece of thick foam material. The opposite ends of the foam are rounded and the mid-section is narrowed so that the foam piece resembles a peanut. The foam is wrapped with a polyester fiber and casing which is zippered for easy removal. The casing has a small pocket on one of its sides with the phrase “For Your Prayers” imprinted on it.

Considered a “protective device” in the sense that it protects the knees of a worshiper who is kneeling for prayer, one might wan to know more about how the world can protect itself from the creative but absurd vagaries of this inventor. Other inventors have dared venture into the realm of faith and tell about it. Consider Rane’s piece, “Attending Religious Services May Reduce Risk of Death,” and Gloria Campos’ most interesting post, “The Sun Even Powers the Bible.”

As far as the Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion is concerned, it seems safe to say that the more faith surrounding it, the better.


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