Remote Plastic Surgery: Great Idea?


Ever want to perform plastic surgery? So what if you don’t have a degree. After all, how important is that? With Patent# US 6843793 also known as the Surgical instrument, plastic surgery becomes a ‘breeze. All kidding aside, this invention is designed for use by a certified surgeon directing its movements. This does not, however, alter the fact that it is still ridiculous. In the exact words of the patent:

“This invention provides a method of controlling a surgical instrument that is inserted in a patient for facilitating a surgical procedure and controlled remotely from an input device manipulated by a surgeon at a user interface.”


The invention comes with specific directions for proper use. Some of these include: receiving an insertion length of a medical instrument inserted in a patient and determining an end location at a specific target site. The instrument has both a straight portion and a curved portion and is inserted and then fixed at a pivot axis outside the patient.

If these directions still aren’t clear, I would avoid performing plastic surgery if I were you, and find some other diversion to satisfy my fear of the stupid and the unknown and the stupidly unknown collectively.

Surgery in different forms has captivated the imagination of other inventors as well. Consider Sarah O’s piece, “Book Art: Brian Dettmer Carves Away New Worlds” and Dustin Brady’s article, about a man who has designed many medical instruments during his lifetime, “Billionaire Announces Contest To Sterilize Pets”.

Happy surgery.


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