Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device: Great Idea?


One of the major problems (and there are many) with Patent # US 682353 also known as the Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device is the issue of who would market it? Would it be considered a coveted plumbing accessory sold at cost by nice plumbers or would it compete on the fickle market place with such timeless classics as Singing in the Rain and other wet favorites?


How practical is this shower-head/electronic device? Well, according to some, this high-tech showerhead is difficult to put together once it is taken apart. Also, the plurality of available nozzles suggests relationships, at the very least with the soap, if not with another person sharing the shower and this ridiculous invention.

How does the Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device actually work? Good question. The electronic media device is integrated within the housing of the showerhead itself, and may be easily removed from it. The device stores digital audio data, such as MP3 formatted audio data, and includes an interface for connecting the electronic media device to an external source.

Other shower related inventions are worth mentioning here. Consider Toby’s piece, “Rain, Sleet, Or Atomized? Your Shower, Any Way You Like It!” and Joshua Khan’s “Singing in the Shower Just Got Easier.

Happy singing folks, wherever you may do it.


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