Stunt Granny: A Myth in the Making


When the words “stunt” and “granny” combine, I sort’a cringe.  I think of things like this:

I feel like my spleen is melting.

I’d like to think that it has something to do with some innate feeling that “granny” is going to fly off of the bike and put herself in a body cast.

I’d like to think that I’m not so jaded as to actually have a furrowed brow as she tools around on the motorcycle.

I’d like to.

But I don’t.  I cringe more in the “Oh, crap the waiters are bringing a little cake to my table and then they’re gonna start singing” vein.

Really.  Overly cute is just plain soul-killingly painful to me.

Do I have a heart?  I dunno.  I suspect its been replaced with a big blob of sausage gravy that has congealed into a throbbing mass that sort of resembles a heart—after its been pickled in formaldehyde for a century.

But… I have to admit that I like this little toy.  It’s… cute.  Shoot me.

The Stunt Granny from Jumpin Banana may put the ghost of Evel Knievel to the test.  Decked out in a custom wheelchair (complete with mad flames painted on each side), this little lady is set to show off to the crowd.  Place her on a smooth surface and, using the remote control and the “Disabled Ramp”, you can launch Stunt Granny over a wide variety of objects included in this set.  These range from Wet Floor signs, boxes, cans, and even a tower of beans.

Personally, I’d try to get her over my twenty-five pound cat.

The following video will convince you of the absolute awesomeness of this toy.  Sort of…


Now you can’t even argue the amount of ass-kicking courage that it would take for a tiny toy such as the Stunt Granny to jump roughly 1/2 an inch into the air over cans containing… what?  Acid?  Insanely combustable liquids?  Prune juice?

You have to admit that the landing is a bit rough, though.  Maybe  Jumpin Banana plans on making a little ambulance or paramedic vehicle of some sort as a companion piece to this toy.

At least it’s less painful, both emotionally and physically, than this:



Okay… Maybe my heart isn’t entirely made of congealed gravy…

You can get the Stunt Granny at


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