Look Ma! I Can See My Ear Wax From Here

  Justin Letlow’s story of his Multi-Use Ear Mirror is that while at work in his furniture making shop, he felt something in his ear. The part of his story that must have been left out is where he picks and scratches like the devil, but what was there didn’t go away.

Peanut Butter Pancake Batter: Great Idea?

If you can’t control your peanut butter, you can’t expect to control your life. ~ Bill Watterson It would seem that the Peanut Butter Batter Pancake Mix , which is also known as Patent #US 6797310 , has already been created in some form or other, especially considering that George Washington Carver developed more than one hundred recipes utilizing peanuts in his attempts to improve the quality of life for poor southern farmers

Nuclear Waste Disposal System: Great Idea?

The Nuclear Waste Disposal System known surreptitiously as Patent# US 6846967 provides a means for disposing of nuclear waste which includes filling steel containers with nuclear waste and then dropping the containers into the sea in the path of an undersea volcano. The volcano in turn pours lava onto the sea bed with the toxic substances, which the inventor swears are safe to put in the ocean and will not harm the environment

Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device: Great Idea?

One of the major problems (and there are many) with Patent # US 682353 also known as the Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device is the issue of who would market it? Would it be considered a coveted plumbing accessory sold at cost by nice plumbers or would it compete on the fickle market place with such timeless classics as Singing in the Rain and other wet favorites?   How practical is this shower-head/electronic device?

Scent Delivery System: Great idea?

Patent# US 6842218 , which refers to the Scent Delivery System , allows the user to pick his or her own smells, a rather dubious thrill to begin with. It works by injecting scent into an airflow created by the fan or canister, and creates scented air, which is carried to the nose by the flow of air via a nose mask or facemask. If you are wondering why anyone would want such a thing, join the club whose membership is fast disappearing from a lack of interest.