Look Ma! I Can See My Ear Wax From Here

  Justin Letlow’s story of his Multi-Use Ear Mirror is that while at work in his furniture making shop, he felt something in his ear. The part of his story that must have been left out is where he picks and scratches like the devil, but what was there didn’t go away.

Cosmetic Extract from Marine Ooze: Great Idea?

Issued back in 2004, Patent # US 6787159 relates to a Process for the Preparation of a Cosmetically Usable Extract From Marine Ooze and a product including an extract from marine ooze, and its use. It would appear to be sort of based upon the premise that one cannot become truly beautiful without first becoming truly ugly (and having the wisdom to know the difference between the two).

Motorized Picnic Table: Great Idea?

The world’s first Motorized Picnic Table , aka Patent #663734 , has a stated purpose. According to the inventor, “It’s meant for transporting picnic-goers and the table simultaneously to a desired picnic location or for picnicking while in transport.”   So forget about finding that shady spot under that lovely tree and relaxing under a beautiful blue sky.

Life Expectancy Timepiece: Great Idea?

Issued in the summer of 1991, Patent #5,031,161, the Lifetime Expectancy Timepiece consists of a starting mechanism for causing the timer to begin measuring the elapsed time from the moment of birth and includes a processor programmed to measure it. Seeming truly like an overlooked plot straight out of The Twilight Zone, this Life Expectancy Timepiece has always had a questionable market value.

Anti-Eating Face Mask: Great idea?

US Patent #4344424 , the Anti-Eating Face Mask , has been around for a few decades, but there can be little doubt that it is just as silly today as it was when the original patent was issued to a woman from Sacramento (whose name is being withheld to protect the silly).

The Fling-ama-String Battery-Operated Cat Toy: Product Review

The scrawny kitten that jumped from a tree limb into my arms as three dogs competed for his tail, decided to adopt us four years ago. Now, fat and lazy, no longer wanting to stray from the hot tiled roof or the nest of jasmine on the patio, Bella (we thought he was a she), made pussy cats out of the dogs, and life was just as he liked it