Medical Tutorial That Bleeds As You Go: Great idea?

The Endoscopic Tutorial System with a Bleeding Complication also known as Patent# US 6863536 reminds me of that old poster about the movie, Alien that was slathered in all the New York subways and bus stops when it was released some 30 years ago. It read: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Well, maybe they were right and then again maybe they were wrong, as when you get right down to it, this device is about as creepy as it gets. A system for simulating a medical procedure performed on a subject, one can only study it and wonder why.

Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion: Great Idea?

The Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion , which in silly circles everywhere is also referred to as Patent# US 6810541 , joins the concepts of peanut-shaped prayer cushions with that of knee cushions. No matter what your beliefs, one can only speculate if the ruler and creator of all things has a patent attorney and if not, why not? The purpose of this sanctimonious patent is to enhance the comfort of one who kneels in prayer

Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument: Great Idea?

The Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument also referred to among the non-incarcerated as Patent#US 6880369, is comprised of a pen that has a writing end and a closed end and a cap that will fit on either one. A handcuff key is formed on the closed end of the cap, which extends longitudinally.

Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device: Great Idea?

One of the major problems (and there are many) with Patent # US 682353 also known as the Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device is the issue of who would market it? Would it be considered a coveted plumbing accessory sold at cost by nice plumbers or would it compete on the fickle market place with such timeless classics as Singing in the Rain and other wet favorites?   How practical is this shower-head/electronic device?

Toothbrush With Enclosed Electronic Game: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6850167 which refers to a Brushing Behavior Reinforcement Toothbrush and Enclosed Electronic Game Switch with Grid rewards you if you brush your teeth correctly by allowing you to play a game on a toothbrush-sized LCD screen. The issue remains that we all must face the fact that Ed Sullivan is dead and how could anyone find this truly entertaining?   The idea of a toothbrush having the power to reinforce brushing behavior seems a bit over the top, n’est ce pas