Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion: Great Idea?

The Peanut-Shaped Prayer Cushion , which in silly circles everywhere is also referred to as Patent# US 6810541 , joins the concepts of peanut-shaped prayer cushions with that of knee cushions. No matter what your beliefs, one can only speculate if the ruler and creator of all things has a patent attorney and if not, why not? The purpose of this sanctimonious patent is to enhance the comfort of one who kneels in prayer

Multi-Functional Massage Device: Great Idea?

Patent #US 6802818 , also known as the Multi-Functional Massage Device , dared to enter the world in 2004. An attempt to accomodate the modern lifestyle where exercising is relegated to the same priority as filing tax returns and attending to root canals, this massager, which doubles as a pen, is a conventional and acceptable means of massage to relieve the physical pains brought on by non-exercise.(?)   This device comes in a casing/body, within which there is a vibrating motor

Cosmetic Extract from Marine Ooze: Great Idea?

Issued back in 2004, Patent # US 6787159 relates to a Process for the Preparation of a Cosmetically Usable Extract From Marine Ooze and a product including an extract from marine ooze, and its use. It would appear to be sort of based upon the premise that one cannot become truly beautiful without first becoming truly ugly (and having the wisdom to know the difference between the two).

Talking To Plants and Getting Answers: Great idea?

For those among us who enjoy conversing with plants and other green things (aliens and men little and large) Patent # US 7113911 , the Voice Communication Concerning a Local Entity might be just the thing. Issued in September of 2006, it promises for the future of telephone lines everywhere a dialogue such as this: “I am a plant.

Retractable Toilet Table Top: Great Idea?

Necessity is the mother of invention, but the father is unknown ~Anonymous     Patent#US6983493 , the Retractable Toilet Table Top , concerns the concept of toilet inspiration, you know, those great ideas that seem to come out of nowhere when it’s “john time.” The royal throne, as the inventor refers to that instrument of necessity we plebes know as a toilet, has been transformed into a respectable workplace. According to the inventor, his Retractable Toilet Table Top conquers the conventional shortcomings of standard toilet facilities. His creation, however, needs the following elements in order to succeed: “This is a device for providing a working surface while a user is seated on a toilet