Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device: Great Idea?

One of the major problems (and there are many) with Patent # US 682353 also known as the Showerhead with Removable Electronic Media Device is the issue of who would market it? Would it be considered a coveted plumbing accessory sold at cost by nice plumbers or would it compete on the fickle market place with such timeless classics as Singing in the Rain and other wet favorites?   How practical is this shower-head/electronic device?

Pillow With Retractable Umbrella: Great Idea?

United States Patent 6711769 also known as The Pillow With a Retractable Umbrella , is hardly sweeping the beaches of the nation. The reason for this is because it is a ridiculous invention even though quite practical in concept. The pillow/umbrella may be stored in a case, which permits easy transport and when opened, allows a sun-worshipper to lay his/her head on the pillow while covering their face from sunlight

Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry: Great Idea?

In addition to a vibrating motor unit and housing for same, US Patent# 6865907 also known as the Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry invention also comes with a clamping device for holding the item onto the wearer’s body, a power source for operating the vibrating motor and an actuator for the unit (a device that performs in response to a signal from a computer). This 2005 invention is powered by a battery and operated by a small vibrating power unit.

Life Expectancy Timepiece: Great Idea?

Issued in the summer of 1991, Patent #5,031,161, the Lifetime Expectancy Timepiece consists of a starting mechanism for causing the timer to begin measuring the elapsed time from the moment of birth and includes a processor programmed to measure it. Seeming truly like an overlooked plot straight out of The Twilight Zone, this Life Expectancy Timepiece has always had a questionable market value.

It’s My Tissue Dispensing Pillow And I’ll Cry If I Want To: ThenCry!

It's good to see that crying is finally receiving some recognition in the design world, even though the fabulous German innovator Design 3000, lists the ThenCry pillow as a "First Aid" product! What better "treatment" for crying than the warmth of a cozy pillow that dispenses tissues. I crying pillow is so comforting, like a teddy bear, only more huggable.