Garden Ornament and Cremation Container Combo: Great idea?

It’s not that I’m afraid to die; I just don’t want to be there when it happens . ~ Woody Allen Whether you believe in ghosts or no, the beloved spirits of those who have passed to the other side of the side of the sod always linger in the memory of the living

Multi-Functional Massage Device: Great Idea?

Patent #US 6802818 , also known as the Multi-Functional Massage Device , dared to enter the world in 2004. An attempt to accomodate the modern lifestyle where exercising is relegated to the same priority as filing tax returns and attending to root canals, this massager, which doubles as a pen, is a conventional and acceptable means of massage to relieve the physical pains brought on by non-exercise.(?)   This device comes in a casing/body, within which there is a vibrating motor

Motor-Driven Ice Cream Scooper: Great Idea?

The Motor-Driven Ice Cream Scooper is a hand-held motor driven device intended to permit the user to not only handle frozen ice cream, but to simultaneously form attractive spheres. Perfect for the lazy multi-tasker, Patent# US 6840754 is one of those things that upon reflection, everyone can surely live without. It comes equipped with a half circle-shaped arc at the end of a tube, in which claws shaped as half-circles are inserted.

Toothbrush With Enclosed Electronic Game: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6850167 which refers to a Brushing Behavior Reinforcement Toothbrush and Enclosed Electronic Game Switch with Grid rewards you if you brush your teeth correctly by allowing you to play a game on a toothbrush-sized LCD screen. The issue remains that we all must face the fact that Ed Sullivan is dead and how could anyone find this truly entertaining?   The idea of a toothbrush having the power to reinforce brushing behavior seems a bit over the top, n’est ce pas

Footwear with GPS: A Great Idea?

Patent# US 6788200, also known as Footwear with GPS, is the perfect invention for those among us who are not sure of where we are going. It involves a locator unit contained within footwear providing a method for GPS position determination and transmission of location data to a central monitoring station, which then disseminates the data through software and the Internet